Simulation Details

The Simulation Details section of the Explore Menu includes commands to view and analyze simulation results in several ways. This includes viewing statistics for the simulation data, viewing the raw data for each iteration of the simulation, and both sensitivity and scenario analysis tools. The four views available are:

  • Statistics - For each input and output of the model, view a thumbnail graph, the calculated statistics, and any filters applied.
  • Data - For each input and output, view the data for each iteration of each simulation.
  • Sensitivities - Analysis of the impact of inputs on a selected output, ranked by various methods including overall change, regressions, and contribution to variance.
  • Scenarios - Scenario analysis results for a selected output; up to three scenarios can be configured for each output.

Simulation Details Command Buttons

The options available through the Settings/Actions command buttons are different for each of the Simulation Detail windows; the specific options are explained in that window's documentation. However, all of the Simulation Detail windows include the following command buttons:

  • Help - Open help resources (online or local, based on @RISK settings); see Help Button for more information.
  • Select Simulation # to Display - Only active when browsing simulation results that include multiple simulations. Switch between simulations, or select 'All Simulations' to view combined results overlaid each other.
  • Define Filters - Define a single filter for the element being viewed. See Filtering Results.
  • Explore - The Explore command button includes most of the same graphing options available through the Explore Menu. Selecting an option will open a new Browse window displaying the chosen graph for an element or elements highlighted in the window. See Simulation Graphs for more information on the graphs available.
  • Only five (5) elements can be opened simultaneously through the Explore menu; if more than five elements are selected, only the first five will be opened in new Browse Results windows!