Configure Distribution

After a distribution has been selected it can be configured using the Configuration Panel on the left side of the Define Distribution window. All changes to the distribution function made through this panel will be reflected immediately in the Formula Bar. The Configuration Panel consists of three main sections:

Figure 1 - Distribution Parameters

  • Distribution - Primary settings for the distribution function (Figure 1, right); these include the type of distribution, standard or alternate parameters (where available), and those parameter values, e.g. mean (µ) and standard deviation (σ) for a Normal distribution.
  • Description - The distribution can be given a Name, a Category, and Units values.
  • Advanced - Set the Static Value to be displayed in the worksheet, configure the Random Number Seed settings, and set the Lock and Collect options.

Throughout the @RISK windows, the new More button ( ) indicates a menu or other window for selecting configuration options. For example, in the Define Distribution window, the More button will open the 'Select a Distribution' window, where a new distribution can be selected, as well as the full menu for Parameter options.

Distribution Parameters

The mathematical definition of a distribution function is set in the Distribution section.

Description Properties

Figure 2 - Distribution Description

The Description fields (Figure 2, right) are used to attach labels to a distribution. Similar to parameter values, cell references can be used for these configurations. The options available are:

Advanced Configurations

The final section of the Configuration Panel is the Advanced settings for the distribution. These settings control how the distribution results display within the Excel worksheet, the Random Number Seed used for the distribution, and whether or not the input is sampled when running simulations (see Sampling Settings under the Simulation Settings section for more information). The options available are: