Downloadable Help

Documentation and version history notes for previous versions of @RISK are available through the links below.

Please note: Only documentation for the past two versions (7.6.x and 7.5.x) are available directly. To access support material for versions not listed below, please contact Palisade Support.

Figure 1 - CHM Properties

Please note: Downloaded CHM files will often be blocked by Microsoft Windows; when the CHM is blocked, it will open and display the table of contents, but pages will not display when selected.

To unblock a downloaded CHM file, right-click the file and select Properties, then check the Unblock checkbox at the bottom of the General tab (Figure 1, right).

Current Version

@RISK 8.2 Local Help (CHM)

Previous Versions

@RISK 8.1 Local Help (CHM)

@RISK 8.0 Local Help (CHM)

@RISK 7 Local Help (CHM)

@RISK Version History Notes (5.X - 7.X)