Release Notes

Release 8.2.2 - March, 2022


DTS-2784 Unable to visualize the Probability Density graph for Burr12 due to X-Axis scaling @RISK
DTS-2795 Error message when adding an output to cells with Excel Names starting with the word "True" @RISK
DTS-2604 Unable to select network licenses when there are two license servers running Licensing
DTS-2633 Unable to select network licenses because the server is not replying to client messages Licensing

Release 8.2.1 - December, 2021


@RISK: Time Series Fitting Increased Range Limits

The number of data points that can be used in Time Series Fitting has been significantly increased; longer time series data - up to a million data points - can now be used effectively, though the fitting process may still take significantly longer with larger data sets.

Additionally, the historical graph in Time Series graphs will only display 2000 data points, no matter how large a data series is used.

Please note: @RISK will no longer try to prevent Time Series Fitting with any data series, but larger data sets may cause "out of memory" errors and other unexpected behavior.


DTS-2433 Time Series Fitting Increased Range Limits @RISK


DTS-2105 Hidden Sheet data overwrites existing model worksheet @RISK
DTS-2184 Negative Values for the omega parameter of an EGARCH model return errors @RISK
DTS-2248 Creating reports with tracking statistic of Standard Deviation crashes Excel @RISK
DTS-2273 @RISK crashes when defining new Time Series with transformations @RISK
DTS-2330 Browse Results Window does not display graph after changing number of simulations @RISK
DTS-2354 Model List closes when trying to open Define Distribution Window when a function includes incorrect arguments @RISK
DTS-2379 Valid Time Series fit returns #VALUE! error when writing to Excel @RISK
DTS-2413 Input names in Tornado graphs don't display when RiskName references Excel Table Headers @RISK
DTS-2416 Chinese characters in workbook name prevent multiple CPU simulations from running @RISK
DTS-2577 Running multiple CPU simulations causes exception errors @RISK
DTS-2583 Input Report Setup does not update group option when a Time Series Report is selected @RISK
DTS-2603 Detailed Statistics Report is generated even when no simulation data exists @RISK
DTS-2609 Opening a swapped-out file closes Excel @RISK
DTS-2182 Data Viewer - Chart in Excel option does not work NeuralTools, StatTools

Release 8.2 - July, 2021


@RISK: Dynamic Array Functions

Six new @RISK formulas allow you to create Excel dynamic arrays with @RISK simulation data, results are returned in a dynamic array of whatever size is necessary to hold the values:

  • RiskDataDA: returns the simulated data value(s) of simulation.
  • RiskSensitivityDA: returns the sensitivity analysis information of simulated output.
  • RiskSensitivityStatChangeDA: returns the “change in output statistic” sensitivity analysis information of the simulated output.
  • RiskFitParametersDA: returns the values for the parameters of the best fitting distribution from the fit performed by the RiskFitDistribution.
  • RiskFitStatisticsDA: returns the statistics from the fit performed by the RiskFitDistribution.
  • RiskCorrectCorrmatDA: returns a corrected correlation matrix.
  • RiskSimulationInfoDA: returns all simulation information options in one dynamic array.

This functionality only works on Office 365 with Excel Dynamic arrays.

See these online examples to see how @RISKDataDA and @RISKSensitivityDA can be used to create dynamic Excel Charts:

Dynamic Arrays - RiskDataDA with an LDA Base Model

Dynamic Arrays - RiskSensitivityDA with a New Product Development Base Model

@RISK: Error Handling with Debugging Messaging

There is a new Error handling functionality that will identify misconfigured or incorrect @RISK elements, including distribution functions, outputs, and @RISK statistic functions.

This release includes the following Error Handling:

Distribution Functions error warnings and explanations are included in the Define Distribution, Model List, and the Results Summary Windows and can be seen by hovering over the icon.

Figure 1 - Distribution Function Error Warning

All @RISK functions with error warnings can be filtered in the Model List and the Results Summary Windows using the new Issue View button ( ).

Details of the error from a cell with a Distribution Function can be viewed in the Excel status bar at the bottom of the Excel window.

Output and Statistical Function errors resulting from their precedent distribution functions with errors are included in the Results Summary Windows and can be seen by hovering over the icon.

@RISK: Added Letter Value Graphs

The Letter Value graph is a new Summary Graph that takes a Box Plot Graph to the next level! It graphs the spread with a variable number of letter value boxes. You will be able to visualize better estimates further out into the tails and reduced number of “outliers” displayed for large data sets.

Figure 2 - Summary Letter Value Graph

See this online example to see how this new graph is used in a Operational Risk model:

Letter Value Graph - Letter Value Graph with an LDA Base Model

@RISK: Select from Multiple Sheets When Creating Scatter Plots

The dialog to create Scatter Plot Graphs has been updated to allow selecting inputs and outputs from multiple worksheets.

Figure 3 - Scatter Plot - Select Axis Window

@RISK: Swap Overlayed Distributions

The Define Distribution window now allows for swapping overlay distributions with the original distribution, replacing the original @RISK function with the overlay's @RISK function. This enables quick comparison of input definitions and quick selection of the distribution that is most appropriate to the model.

Figure 4 - Define Distribution - Swap Overlay

@RISK: Export Simulation Data from Graph Windows

The Browse Results, Scatter Plot, and Summary Graphs Windows now have the option to Export or Copy the Simulation Data for the displayed inputs or outputs.

@RISK: Simulation Data Report

The new Simulation Data Report now allows for the selection of inputs and/or outputs to generate a report with their Simulation Data in an Excel Worksheet.

@RISK: Input/Output Thumbnails in Data Window

Thumbnail graphs for inputs and outpus are now included in the Data Window, aiding in the interpretation of simulation results.

@RISK: Sampling Type and Generator Added to RiskSimulationInfo

Two new arguments have been added to the @RISK function RiskSimulationInfo; these will display the Sampling Type and Generator used during the simulation.

@RISK: New Advanced Sensitivity Analysis User Interface

The @RISK Advanced Sensitivity Analysis feature has been updated with an improved user interface and experience.

@RISK: New License Manager User Interface

The @RISK License Manager feature has been updated with an improved user interface and experience.

@RISK: New Software Update User Interface

The @RISK Software Update feature has been updated with an improved user interface and experience.

NeuralTools: Updated Warnings

Now when testing or predicting PN/GRN nets there are also warnings for the number of test and prediction cases whose values are not between the minimum and maximum of the corresponding training variables. These warnings can be found in the Preview dialogs, Reports and as a note in the Live Prediction cell for numeric independent variables.


DTS-1675 SmartSensitivity Analysis works with Excel LAMBDA functions DecisionTools Suite
DTS-303 Letter Value Graph added to Summary Graphs group and views @RISK
DTS-392 Error handling with useful debugging information across the user interface @RISK
DTS-402 @RISK Dynamic Array Functions @RISK
DTS-483 New License Manager User Interface @RISK
DTS-485 New Software Update User Interface @RISK
DTS-644 Sampling Type and Generator added to RiskSimulationInfo @RISK
DTS-1009 Export Simulation Data from Graph Windows @RISK
DTS-1032 Select one of the overlayed distributions to replace the original one @RISK
DTS-1236 Select inputs/outputs from multiple sheets when creating a Scatter Plot @RISK
DTS-1240 New Advanced Sensitivity Analysis User Interface @RISK
DTS-1320 Simulation Data Report @RISK
DTS-374 Warnings for cases outside the range of training data NeuralTools


DTS-124 Registry Key is inaccessible if the first run of the product after install is under an Admin Account but subsequent runs are not @RISK
DTS-1470 RiskSimulationInfo function is showing #N/A when opening a file with simulation data saved in it @RISK
DTS-1628 Macro file in XLSTART directory prevents multiple CPUs from being used @RISK
DTS-1747 Adding RiskVary overlay in Define Distribution window doesn't make use of parameters of underlying distribution @RISK
DTS-1799 RISKOptimizer models with correlations matrices can cause Excel to crash when running with multiple CPU @RISK
DTS-1957 RiskCumul showing different results for Standard Deviation between @RISK versions @RISK
DTS-1970 Models with linked fits crashed on Windows 7 @RISK
DTS-1988 Saving an @RISK model workbook is not possible after deleting some columns with distributions functions @RISK
DTS-2035 Excel crashes with multiple CPU simulations @RISK
DTS-2110 Error when generating a Sensitivity Scatters Report in active workbook @RISK
DTS-2113 The XDK CreateScenarioReport method crashes Excel @RISK
DTS-1369 Cancelling prompt during uninstall doesn't stop the process if there's a borrowed license Installer
DTS-1704 Repair option is not working Server Manager Licensing
DTS-1763 Add missing Spanish example files so they can be accessed from the Examples worksheet NeuralTools
DTS-1832 Validation error on a non-active tab in Model Settings Dialog doesn't change tab to highlight error PrecisionTree
DTS-1992 Error message when defining input ranges in Sensitivity Analysis PrecisionTree
DTS-1715 TopRank analysis may crash if @RISK also loaded and displaying Browse Results Window TopRank

Release 8.1.1 - March, 2021


DTS-301 Installation now requires EULA approval Installer
DTS-501 Updated licensing components to use FlexNet version 11.18 Installer
DTS-877 StatTools and TopRank Spanish local documentation now available Documentation


DTS-1760 Addin Launcher sometimes gets stuck at "Initializing Microsoft Excel..." DecisionTools Suite
DTS-1381 Dynamic Arrays compatibility problem when running a simulation with linked fit @RISK
DTS-1478 Filter definitions cleared after disabling All Filters and running a simulation @RISK
DTS-1512 Uncolored Tornado bar when baseline value is not within the bar values @RISK
DTS-1531 Progress Window incorrectly shows Multiple CPU recommendation when running a Goal Seek simulation @RISK
DTS-1547 Clear Filter option in the Single Filter dialog not working properly @RISK
DTS-1553 Define Distribution Window graph customization not saved properly @RISK
DTS-1604 Goal Seek can experience poor performance during simulation start @RISK
DTS-1631 Error in Define Correlation Matrix when active cell contains special characters @RISK
DTS-1707 Graph customization lost when Excel file loaded before @RISK is started @RISK
DTS-1741 Distribution fits with input data filters not working correctly in all cases @RISK
DTS-1475 Linear Prediction does not work in the 8.1.0 release NeuralTools
DTS-1499 Number of Trials in the Summary Report is always zero NeuralTools

Release 8.1 - November, 2020


All Products: Spanish Translation

The user interface for all the version 8.0 add-ins in the DecisionTools Suite have been translated into Spanish.

While the user interface and example files have all be localized into Spanish, unfortunately the Spanish product documentation was not completed as of the release date. Only the Evolver, PrecisionTree, and NeuralTools documentation is available in this release. If you are using @RISK’s online help system, the product will automatically start delivering Spanish documentation content as soon as it becomes available. If you are using the local help system of @RISK or the other products, you will need to update your software to get the translated documentation.

@RISK: Disable All Correlations During Simulations

There is a new Simulation Setting on the Sampling Tab (Figure 5, below) to disable all the correlations defined in your model. A shortcut for this setting can also be found in the Correlation Menu (Figure 6, below).

Figure 5 - Sampling Settings

Figure 6 - Correlation Menu

@RISK: Identify and Graph Outliers in Box Plots

Box Plots on the Summary Window or Data Viewer Window can now display outliers. This can be customized for an individual graph from the Graph Options dialog, or for all graphs from within @RISK’s Graphing Preferences dialog.

@RISK: Calculate Joint Probabilities Using New Statistic Functions

Two new @RISK statistic formulas allow you to calculate joint probabilities for two or more simulated input or outputs.

  • RiskJointProb2Dim calculates the fraction of iterations where a two simulated outputs or inputs fall in a given quadrant. (This matches the results shown by the delimiters in an @RISK scatter graph.)

  • RiskJointProbMultiDim calculates the fraction of iterations where any number of outputs or inputs meet a given set of range conditions.

@RISK: Select Report Outputs and Inputs across Multiple Worksheets

This new feature allows you to select multiple Excel ranges from different worksheets in the same workbook (Figure 7, below). You can also delete specific ranges, or change the order of how they will be displayed in your report.

Figure 7 - Output Report Configuration

@RISK: Choose and Order Results in Summary Graphs

The Summary Trend and Box Plot graphs now have a Summary Graph Manager that allows you to add, remove, and order the inputs and outputs shown in the graph. You can find it in the Settings/Actions menu of the Summary Graph Window.

@RISK: Model List Status Column Helps Identify Locked Inputs

The Model List Window (Figure 8, below) and Results Summary Window (Figure 9, below) now include a status column to visually show when an input is locked. From the Model List, you can lock and unlock inputs from the Edit menu or right-click context menu.

Figure 8 - Model List with Locked Inputs

Figure 9 - Results Summary with Locked Inputs

@RISK: Configure Two-Color Tornados

The Change in Output Statistic Tornado now allows the customization the two colors of the bars, so you can better differentiate between high and low inputs. The colors can be controlled for an individual graph using the Graph Options dialog. To control the colors for all new graphs, go to the Graphing Preferences dialog.

RiskOptimizer Graph to Compare Original vs Optimized Distribution

The Browse Results Window now allows you to compare the original distribution to the optimized distribution found by RISKOptimizer.

@RISK: New Dynamic Welcome Screen Content

Find the latest news from Palisade and @RISK in the new dynamic Welcome Screen. If you prefer to disable the Welcome Screen at startup, we’ll put notifications on the @RISK menu whenever there is new content available.

@RISK: Increased Report Limits

Summary and Detailed Statistics report tables can now include up to 500 inputs or outputs.

@RISK: New Goal Seek User Interface

The @RISK Goal Seek feature has been updated with an improved user interface and experience.

@RISK: Better Display Scaling

This version of @RISK has improved handling of different display scales (also known as DPI scales) in its windows, graphs, and reports.

@RISK: Add Property Functions from the Insert Menu

The ability to add Property Functions to your @RISK functions using the Insert Menu has been restored to @RISK version 8.

@RISK: Reference Overlays on Non-Active Sheets in the Define Distribution Window.

The option to overlay a distribution from an Excel range in the Define Distribution Window now supports selecting Excel cells from a non-active sheet.

NeuralTools: New Classification Performance Measures Report

For binary classification problems, one of the values in the dependent variable can now be defined as the “Positive Category”. With this designation we can present the testing results in terms of True/False Positives or Negatives; as well as reporting Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and F1 Score for the neural net’s performance.


DTS-63 Choose and Order Results in Summary Graphs @RISK
DTS-64 Reference Overlays on Non-Active Sheets in the Define Distribution Window @RISK
DTS-142 Better Display Scaling @RISK
DTS-201 Added statistic table options to Graphing Preferences dialog @RISK
DTS-302 Identify and Graph Outliers in Box Plots @RISK
DTS-377 Disable All Correlations During Simulations @RISK
DTS-383 Configure Two-Color Tornados @RISK
DTS-400 RiskOptimizer Graph to Compare Original vs Optimized Distribution @RISK
DTS-401 Calculate Joint Probabilities Using New Statistic Functions @RISK
DTS-411 Add appropriate error messages when attempting to correlate uncorrelatable functions @RISK
DTS-471 Increased Report Limits @RISK
DTS-481 Add Property Functions from the Insert Menu @RISK
DTS-499 Improved handling of manually deleted correlation matrices and copulas @RISK
DTS-512 Support for worksheet-level correlation names @RISK
DTS-606 Restore Insert Property Function Menu to be part of the Ribbon options @RISK
DTS-607 Enabled Multiple reports dialog configuration for models without simulation results @RISK
DTS-730 Select Report Outputs and Inputs across Multiple Worksheets @RISK
DTS-788 New Dynamic Welcome Screen Content @RISK
DTS-974 Allow loading values from Excel range directly into Percentile Defaults Dialog @RISK
DTS-1439 Model List and Results Summary Status Column Helps Identify Locked Inputs @RISK
DTS-720 Simplified activation process to only offer manual activation after automatic activation failure Licensing
DTS-381 New Classification Performance Measures Report NeuralTools


DTS-11 Negative values are not shown correctly in sensitivity report table @RISK
DTS-12 Incorrect column headers in "Overlay Simulations" report table @RISK
DTS-13 Incorrect table values shown in sensitivity report @RISK
DTS-17 Copying worksheets between two workbooks containing correlations with the same name can confuse @RISK @RISK
DTS-18 Fit Manager blocks adding fit to non-active workbook @RISK
DTS-21 Scenario Setttings not properly handling -Infinity as a lower bound @RISK
DTS-23 XDK Sensitivity Report sometimes showing incorrect table @RISK
DTS-90 Compact Output Report does not fit on one Excel page @RISK
DTS-91 PDF Reports not showing Chinese characters @RISK
DTS-92 Report worksheets can have naming conflicts @RISK
DTS-118 Incorrect worksheet names for some scenario reports @RISK
DTS-133 Bad Summary Statistics and Detailed Statistics report titles when using multiple named simulations @RISK
DTS-144 Saving a scenario setting as defaullt that doesn't use percentiles doesn't work correctly @RISK
DTS-189 Incorrect filter minimum and maximum shown in detailed statistics report @RISK
DTS-267 Report graph images can sometimes be blurry @RISK
DTS-350 Remove @RISK Functions does not display a warning message when trying to remove functions from a protected workbook @RISK
DTS-372 Error after deleting columns with correlation matrix @RISK
DTS-412 Swapping in @RISK function with Excel in manual recalculation mode shows #NAME? errors @RISK
DTS-421 RISKOptimizer sometimes sends reports to the wrong workbook @RISK
DTS-422 Mouse wheel no longer works when RISKOptimizer reports are sent to Active Workbook @RISK
DTS-467 Recently simulated file links in Welcome Screen do not work if files are saved in OneDrive @RISK
DTS-469 Error clicking in empty header column in Copula Fit Results window @RISK
DTS-493 Error inside Model dialog after deleting correlation matrices @RISK
DTS-624 Compact output report delimiter values do not match Left X and Right X summary statistics values @RISK
DTS-634 Sensitivity Report with Regression Mapped Values uses incorrect number formatting @RISK
DTS-647 Non US-English regional settings causing RiskCompound issues @RISK
DTS-659 Opening models that prompt to update links sometimes interfere with loading saved simulation settings @RISK
DTS-660 Error simulating RiskSplice distributions that have internal distributions that use the implicit intersection '@' symbol @RISK
DTS-695 Define distribution overlay reference is not updated when referencing a distribution in another cell @RISK
DTS-696 Define Distribution Window distribution panel scrolled incorrectly after exiting Free-Edit mode @RISK
DTS-711 Overflow error when changing alt parameterization in Define Distribution Window @RISK
DTS-768 Added support for date variables to summary graphs @RISK
DTS-769 Allow summary graphs to be created with a single variable @RISK
DTS-783 Graph options dialog sometimes not displayed after showing the Excel cells selector @RISK
DTS-792 Distribution Artist: Remove Bar is missing from the right-click menu @RISK
DTS-798 Output Range: When copy pasting the name of an individual ouput the information from the
entire row is copied and pasted
DTS-811 Specific large model either runs very slowly with Multiple CPUs @RISK
DTS-818 In Sensitivity Settings Dialog, removing selection for Must Change Statistic By doesn't update graph @RISK
DTS-905 Summary Trend and Summary Box Plot graphs do not retain currency formatting of inputs/outputs @RISK
DTS-918 External function calls inside RiskName field can cause crashes when opening a model @RISK
DTS-975 Error with Spanish regional settings and output with name defined using a disjoint range @RISK
DTS-976 Large customer model runs slowly with Multiple CPUs @RISK
DTS-979 Pressing the Esc-key while the mouse is down on window's title bar can cause VBA code execution to be interrupted @RISK
DTS-1026 Graphing Preferences Dialog BoxPlot tab has incorrect statistics names @RISK
DTS-1063 RiskLock doesn't return proper static value for Time Series functions @RISK
DTS-1064 Dragging and dropping between two Browse Result Windows can result in two curves showing the same output @RISK
DTS-1065 Copying and pasting sometimes works incorrectly inside the Define Correlation Dialog @RISK
DTS-1067 Linked fit that references a function name instead of a fit statistic fails @RISK
DTS-1068 Copying and pasting sometimes works incorrectly inside the Define Filters Dialog @RISK
DTS-1069 Copying and pasting sometimes works incorrectly inside the Scenario Settings Dialog @RISK
DTS-1143 Data Window display issues for large models @RISK
DTS-1256 Data Window's Iteration Step function crashes Excel with particular model @RISK
DTS-1296 Customer model cannot be Swapped in, message saying a formula couldn't be correctly parsed @RISK
DTS-1305 Improper license expiration messages from licenses borrowed from a network server @RISK
DTS-1328 Error message trying to edit a correlation matrix through Model Window @RISK
DTS-1329 Local help for some dialogs forced behind Excel window @RISK
DTS-1360 Iteration filter applied to statistic function causes crash if statistic functions update every iteration DTools;@RISK
DTS-1083 Diagnostic Utility is checking for incorrect VC++ runtimes Installer /
DTS-1347 Repairing a license doesn't refresh the Server Manager window Licensing
DTS-349 Training large customer file leads to 'Application-defined or object-defined error" NeuralTools
DTS-531 Right-click option to select or deselect all variables in the Data Viewer is not working NeuralTools
DTS-993 Right-click context menu shows also with left click in Dataset Manager Dialog NeuralTools
DTS-536 "Invalid formula" message trying to simulate PrecisionTree influence diagram in @RISK PrecisionTree
DTS-786 Influence Diagram calculation ordering problems PrecisionTree
DTS-1362 @RISK Reports sent to Excel do not include graphs when PrecisionTree is also open. PrecisionTree
DTS-656 Problems with Pareto Charts with large number of cateogories StatTools
DTS-725 Same variable can be selected as Cat and Val for Pareto Charts StatTools
DTS-1071 Inputs defined with RiskName don't display names correctly in tornado charts and spider graphs TopRank

Release 8.0.1 - July, 2020


All Products: Dynamic Array Support

Some versions of Office 365 now include support for a new type of array formulas known as “dynamic arrays”. This resulted in changes to the syntax of some other non-array formulas: users will notice the “@” sign in some formulas, where it did not appear before. While TopRank itself does not make use of dynamic arrays, it has its own custom cell functions, and their syntax was affected by the introduction of dynamic arrays. This version has been made compatible with the new syntax.

PrecisionTree: Link to BigPicture Removed

The BigPicture add-in has been discontinued. The “View in BigPicture” ribbon command has been removed in this version.

TopRank: Running TopRank and @RISK at the Same Time

Previous versions of TopRank would sometimes require special reconfiguration of @RISK so the two add-ins could both be loaded at the same time. This requirement has been removed in this version.


DTS-370 Implemented ability to right-click on tornado bar to hide it @RISK
DTS-409 Minor formatting change in group separator rows in Detailed Statistics Report @RISK
DTS-433 Graph View of Correlation Definition Window displays coefficients for each cell @RISK


DTS-420 Repair button improperly enabled for broken and expired licenses in Palisade Server Manager Licensing
DTS-364 Some permanent licenses incorrectly marked as expiring in Palisade Server Manager Licensing
DTS-127 Clicking on parameter label in Define Distribution Window leads to error @RISK
DTS-191 Right click on Category row in Results Summary window generates error message @RISK
DTS-199 Export to Excel from Data Window when Iterations is set to Auto generates 'Unable to generate report' error @RISK
DTS-236 Auto Save notification links to incorrect help page. @RISK
DTS-242 Graph font size problems with large monitors with large DPI scaling @RISK
DTS-262 Incorrect Filter Minimum and Maximum shown in Detailed Statistics Report @RISK
DTS-263 Sensitivity Report shows incorrect sensitivity calculation table in some situations @RISK
DTS-264 Compact Output report to Excel does not fit on one page @RISK
DTS-265 Incorrect Tornado bar labels for inputs containing RiskName property function that use cell references across multiple worksheets @RISK
DTS-273 Browse Results window too wide at 200% DPI scaling @RISK
DTS-296 Dragging graphs from Multivariate Data Viewer sometimes triggers error @RISK
DTS-322 Exports from the Data Window of very large data sets can generate 'Unable to copy cells.' error. @RISK
DTS-347 Knowlege Base item on the Resource menu links to incorrect web page @RISK
DTS-438 Deleted Predefined Distribution still shows on the Define Distribution Favorites list @RISK
DTS-474 File with copula information fails to open @RISK
DTS-511 Problems opening Define Correlation dialogs with inputs across multiple workbooks @RISK
DTS-535 Problem when two workbooks have correlation matrices with the same name @RISK
DTS-621 Bar Shading in Change in Output Tornado Graphs May Be Reversed @RISK
DTS-623 RiskName with multiple cells references for Alt distributions can cause errors @RISK
DTS-624 Compact output report delimiter values do not match Left X and Right X summary statistics values @RISK
DTS-75 Performing multiple exports from the Results Summary Window can cause Excel to close unexpectedly @RISK
DTS-456 Application Settings dropdown menu options can not be selected using mouse TopRank

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