Release Notes

Release 8.0.1 - July, 2020


DTS-370 Implemented ability to right-click on tornado bar to hide it @RISK
DTS-409 Minor formatting change in group separator rows in Detailed Statistics Report @RISK
DTS-433 Graph View of Correlation Definition Window displays coefficients for each cell @RISK


DTS-420 Repair button improperly enabled for broken and expired licenses in Palisade Server Manager Licensing
DTS-364 Some permanent licenses incorrectly marked as expiring in Palisade Server Manager Licensing
DTS-127 Clicking on parameter label in Define Distribution Window leads to error @RISK
DTS-191 Right click on Category row in Results Summary window generates error message @RISK
DTS-199 Export to Excel from Data Window when Iterations is set to Auto generates 'Unable to generate report' error @RISK
DTS-236 Auto Save notification links to incorrect help page. @RISK
DTS-242 Graph font size problems with large monitors with large DPI scaling @RISK
DTS-262 Incorrect Filter Minimum and Maximum shown in Detailed Statistics Report @RISK
DTS-263 Sensitivity Report shows incorrect sensitivity calculation table in some situations @RISK
DTS-264 Compact Output report to Excel does not fit on one page @RISK
DTS-265 Incorrect Tornado bar labels for inputs containing RiskName property function that use cell references across multiple worksheets @RISK
DTS-273 Browse Results window too wide at 200% DPI scaling @RISK
DTS-296 Dragging graphs from Multivariate Data Viewer sometimes triggers error @RISK
DTS-322 Exports from the Data Window of very large data sets can generate 'Unable to copy cells.' error. @RISK
DTS-347 Knowlege Base item on the Resource menu links to incorrect web page @RISK
DTS-438 Deleted Predefined Distribution still shows on the Define Distribution Favorites list @RISK
DTS-474 File with copula information fails to open @RISK
DTS-511 Problems opening Define Correlation dialogs with inputs across multiple workbooks @RISK
DTS-535 Problem when two workbooks have correlation matrices with the same name @RISK
DTS-621 Bar Shading in Change in Output Tornado Graphs May Be Reversed @RISK
DTS-623 RiskName with multiple cells references for Alt distributions can cause errors @RISK
DTS-624 Compact output report delimiter values do not match Left X and Right X summary statistics values @RISK
DTS-75 Performing multiple exports from the Results Summary Window can cause Excel to close unexpectedly @RISK
DTS-637 Define Filters dialog displays "No available information." and the Enable Filters for Simulation Results checkbox is checked when you first open it @RISK
DTS-456 Application Settings dropdown menu options can not be selected using mouse TopRank

Release 8.0 - March, 2020

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